It’s Really Happening of the day: Brand spankin’ new character posters for Season 4 of Arrested Development, premiering exclusively (and in one whole bunch!) on Netflix on May 26th. Hands up if you’re constantly blueing yourself until then.



Operation Shakey


Objective: Keep Moving

  1. Move out of childhood home. When you’re legal to drink, it’s not your home anymore.
  2. Get wheels. Pay for them.
  3. Dredge the brain. Regular-like.
  4. Take chances with your hair.
  5. Avoid gazing at photos of people you don’t know.
  6. Avoid gazing at photos of people you do know.
  7. Retreat from toxic sludge.
  8. Wage war with neighboring islands. Attack from the sea. Subdue rebellion.
  9. Learn to like jazz.
  10. Cave dive. Nah. Don’t do that.
Clients From Hell: Client: I need to get some postcards designed promoting a new luxury...


Client: I need to get some postcards designed promoting a new luxury brand we a representing, but it will be a tight turnaround.

Me: Sure thing, send me the assets, I’ll get started today.

Client: We don’t have anything yet. It’s not been finalized - but just use this image attached.

ENDER'S GAME BLOG: Update From Director Gavin Hood



Hello fellow Ender’s Game fans. It’s been four years since I first began writing a screenplay based on the classic novel. I love the book. And I especially love the character of Ender Wiggin. I was drafted into an army myself at 17, and Ender’s journey of self discovery - his battles with…